April 08, 2013

Spring has Sprung!

Floral Cartouche Urn

A two-colour floral cartouche decorates this second release of 2013 from the rcboisjoli studios. This form was hand turned on our plaster lathe in two parts and two slip cast parts were joined together to create a more complex form. The generous vase portion of the urn has ample capacity to hold all of your fresh spring blossoms while the wide base adds all the stability you need. 

The floral decal was printed in two layers of coloured overglaze, mustard and black, and reflects old European ceramics. The yellow ground was a popular choice for French ceramics in the late 18th century. We chose to represent the yellow as a half tone effect, playing with the idea of high art printed cheaply, much like a comic book. The floral images are based on a commercial fabric of a similar time, updated and modernized with a bolder harder line. 
Glazed in our newest glaze, Ultra White, it is durable and easy to clean. Fabricated by hand right here in Toronto. Slip cast from a durable porcelain slip. Measures: 18 x 13 x 13 cm (7" x 5" x 5")

Just listed in our Etsy shop, this urn can be yours just as the flowers start to bloom. Pick one up here
Looking to check one out in person? Check out Scout on Roncesvalles Ave! More stores to carry them soon, too. 

March 11, 2013

Metallic Squirrel Bottle

Gilded Rodents

A new form and a new shiny squirrel from the rcboisjoli studios! This tin bottle inspired bottle is all new. A new stain matte glaze called Ultra White, a new gold lustre decal and even the newest rcboisjoli 2013 mark. 
Our newest glaze has a smooth buttery texture that is created with millions of teeny crystals that form a matte surface within the glaze surface. These little crystals not only create the flat, less-reflective surface, they also create a wonderful texture within the gold lustre decal. Instead of a pure reflective surface, it has a wonderful foil effect, like the kind you find in a nice box of chocolates. 
The photo shows off the double necked feature we’ve incorporated into this form, it mirrors the cut off, angled bottom. Each bottle is clad with the newest rcboisjoli mark, the first release for 2013! Also featured in this photoshoot is the first few sprigs of blossoms from our newest begonia plant. This handsome bottle has just been listed in our etsy shop as well.

February 11, 2013


Big Goals and New Forms

The studio has been quiet on the blog-front but things have been cooking up even in the chilly nights and snowy days. We’re filling our days with lots of plaster turning and mold making too. Below is the first pull of a new urn form. 
This prototype is ready to be sized up for a decal. We’re also setting up the year for shows and thinking of the busy holiday schedule already!


January 16, 2013

Golden Reflections

Shiny Stuff

Fresh from the kiln, a few ultra shiny goods for IMM Living’s Not Forkchops at Toronto Design Week. Check out the full schedule of events here. The reflective quality of the gold lustre decals just can’t be beat!

January 10, 2013

Winter Sleep

Break Time is Over

We had a nice break, but it's back to it! After a super busy holiday season, our best ever, we needed a few weeks to rest and repair. We couldn't have been happier with City of Craft 2012 and all the support we had from customers, friends and all the store that carry our goods. Thank you!

Now it’s back to work for all us at the rcboisjoli studios. 
Design week is coming up, and Imm Living’s Not Forkchops is right around the corner. Toronto Design Week is going to be huge this year, with dozens of events, shows and parties all over the city. ToDo, Toronto Design Offsite is responsible for getting it all together. Check out the myriad of things to do and see through the ToDo link.

Below is our working prototype for Not Forkchops. More info to come, just a sneak peek for now. 

December 06, 2012

City of Craft 2012

Bestest, Craftyest City of Craft Ever

City of Craft 2012, it's going to be big time! So I am told by the abominable craft force that is Becky Johnson. rcboisjoli will be in attendance for the fourth consecutive year of crafty goodness. Come by, check out our new goods and browse the 70+ exciting vendors in three (3!) different Queen West Locations.

November 27, 2012

Ridged Oaknuts

Ridged Holiday Ornaments

We’ve just listed our last edition of porcelain oaknuts at the rcboisjoli shop.  The ridged oaknut is the fourth acorn related ornament we’ll be offering this season. Lots of choices for those picky nut lovers. Glazed in our lovely Seagull Egg Glaze, these fun ornaments are pre-strung with a silk cord and a hand stamped rcboisjoli tag.

November 26, 2012

Phillips & Son

The Launch of Phillips and Son

rcboisjoli is very excited to launch the first commissioned works by Phillips and Son. This handsome whale platter is the first of hopefully many domestic pieces to come. This platter is all new: a different hand formed model, new decals, new glazes and even a touch of gold. We were asked to create a free formed fluted oval platter, one that couldn't be turned on a lathe. It was a totally different way of forming a model for us, from paper to plywood to clay to plaster, it took several in between stages to get to just the right form to make a mold from. We love it though! We've just listed it in a new section on the rcboisjoli shop. All Phillips & Son products will be distributed through rcboisjoli studios.

The whale platter features a textured whale decal printed in shiny black overglaze paired with a gold lustre detail. Both images are contrasted on a new ivory-tan speckled glaze. The backs of the short rimmed platter are detailed with the new rcboisjoli mark and paired with the Phillips & Son logo. The fluted oblong shape is perfect for that mid morning coffee and cookie break. It is easy to grasp and carry both your coffee and snacks too. We love the ultra fine texture of the whale print. We had to cross our fingers was we exposed that screen, hoping all those teeny dots came out crisp and clear. We chose an much higher screen count for this silkscreen which allowed for some nice and small details.The great halftone pattern printed very well and shows the speckled glaze in great contrast through his belly.
We’re proud to partner up with Phillips & Son to created these beautiful domestic objects and hope to expand their line of goods in the future.